Mechanical Polishing

http://www.umbrapallets.it/msc-dissertation-online Mechanical Polishing coatings are heavier and courser than zinc phosphate. Manganese phosphate is ideal for service applications and for the rapid breakin of new parts. It is anti-galling and will not flake or peel off. It offers wear resistance and reduced wear during metal to metal contact. It is used to retain and enhance the performance of corrosion resistant oils and waxes.

The Manganese Phosphate process provides a microcrystalline coating on ferrous metals. The coating tends to be relatively uniform, non- conductive and corrosion resistant. Manganese Phosphate is used in applications that require reduced light reflection, appearance characteristics, as a base coat for solid film lubricants and paint.

Some Common Uses
Fasteners, firearms, pistons, retaining rings, bearings, gears, shafts, bushings, springs, magazines, slides, pins, high torque screws, nuts, and chain links.